February 2017:

As everyone round Pitton and Farley knows, flooding can be a serious problem. In between floods, it’s all too easy to hope that it won’t happen again for a while, but the reality is that what used to happen only every 20-30 years, has happened five times in the last 22 years. That’s around every 4-5 years. The increased frequency is probably due to the way the village has been developed in that time, so it’s not just a climatic aberration.

Wiltshire Council does a great job of helping handle it when Pitton does flood, by bringing in pumps, and various other measures, but it still leaves the village under some water, and when the pumps fail, houses flood too.

The Council has devised a plan which is supposed to fix the problem permanently, and the Parish Council will be considering it carefully in the coming months. But we know already that Wiltshire Council can’t afford it. So it will only happen if we can gather matching financial support from other agencies or interested parties as well.

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Pitton Village Flood Plan

You can download the Pitton Village Flood Plan by clicking on the link below. The Plan describes in precise detail all the steps that should be taken from the point when flooding is predicted, through the time that flood waters are experienced in the village, until flooding recedes and appropriate reporting measures are completed, to enable better handling of similar situations in the future.


If you are concerned about the underground levels of water in the neighbourhood, click here for the Environment Agency website and then click on ‘Lopcombe GW’ in the bottom right hand corner. This gives you a graph of the actual water level compared against long-term levels.

Alternatively, click Water Levels for a brief analysis of recent local water level readings.

Right:  the last time Pitton flooded….