Pittonque club terrain work

The Pittonque club use a Petanque/boules terrain located in the Pitton Village Hall field. The border of the terrain was quite dishevelled and becoming dangerous to walk around, you could easily twist an ankle on the degrading log rolls. So the decision was taken by the club committee to refurbish the terrain surround with railway sleepers. Parts of this had been done some years ago, but now was the time to finish the job.

Following a submission to the Wiltshire Area Board, the club was awarded a grant of £360 and the project was set for the weekend of 22nd and 23rd March.

A team of intrepid volunteers from the club ventured out with spades, wheelbarrows, pick axes, drills, sledgehammers, a hired whacker plate (to compact the scalpings) and Jane Dixon-Clarke provided much needed refreshments throughout the day.

The required supplies of sleepers, scalpings, grit sand and reinforcing bars were purchased locally from Boswells and Romsey Reclamation.

By the end of Saturday the sleepers were all installed, leaving Sunday to finalise the compacting and the laying of the top coat of grit sand.

A job well done.

Brian Cudby

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