Superfast Broadband now available

Received from Wiltshire Council:

We are pleased to inform you that fibre broadband has been brought to your community as part of Wiltshire Council’s Wiltshire Online programme.

Please help us to share this good news with your parish as we want as many residents as possible to benefit from Wiltshire Council’s investment.

This is a very positive development for your community and we feel there is no better way to spread the word than through your well established communication channels at the parish council.

Residents can check if they are able to benefit from this investment by using the postcode checker on the Wiltshire Online website –

Although residents will not automatically receive the improved service, upgrading to fibre broadband is very simple, just a matter of contacting an Internet Service Provider.
We have put together this community pack to help you circulate the information and remove the potential barriers preventing your community
getting online.

This pack includes:

  • a simple guide to broadband speeds
  • information on how adults can access free computer support to provide them with the basic skills to get online
  • advice on the improved fibre broadband service
  • a poster advertising the availability of the new fibre service
  • a poster asking for people to become Digital Champion volunteers.

Should you require any support with any of the above please do not hesitate
to contact the Wiltshire Online team at

Yours sincerely,
The Wiltshire Online team


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One thought on “Superfast Broadband now available

  1. Since the availability of so-called superfast broadband my normal broadband speeds have taken a nosedive. I know of others who have had the same experience. Has anyone else had the same problem? Is this just coincidence or are we being bullied by BT into spending more money on our Internet connections?

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