Pitton Path Clearing Group

An inaugural meeting of the Pitton Path Clearing Group was held in the pub on Monday 27th April. There were five of us present and, with others I have spoken to, we now have eight interested villagers.

These are:

Philip Cobey, Rod Coppock, Brian Cudby, Jill Fry, Chris Sankey, Alan Shaw, Frank Simmons, Danny Williams.

Generic path clearingAt the meeting Nigel Walsh explained what the South Wiltshire Paths Group are all about (their latest newsletter is attached) and he described what we could do to help.

In summary we can directly help in two ways:

  • We can develop a circular path of around 3 to 4 miles which we can waymark and then keep clear. That will provide ramblers with a good walk in the Pitton area which is fully signposted, so you cannot get lost, and it will be free of restrictions
  • We can assist the path clearing group when they come to clear other paths in our area

As a result Matthew Judd is preparing the plans to show two potential circular walks and these will be distributed to you in the next week or so. Then we will ask villagers to take those two walks and to report back to say which of the two we should adopt. We report that back to the South Wilts Paths Group and we should then be able to get on with the job of waymarking and clearing the circular walk.

Note 1: There are some existing walks already documented (by Alan Shaw) on this website, and these may be found here.

Note 2:  The Parish Clerk has supplied copies of Alan’s reports to the Parish Council and Area Board in 2012 about the state of the footpaths. The idea was that the Area Board would then take the necessary action – which hasn’t happened.


Also, on May 13th there is a path clearing exercise being carried out in the Pitton area by the South Wilts Group. Alan and Rod have already volunteered to help with this.  On the 13th May the South Wilts group plan to finish clearing FP 16 at its southern end, where it enters Church Copse, and possibly also 13, – the path which is partly parallel to 16, but then runs down the edge of Church Copse. This is one that we have cleared several times in the past, but I will have to check it out. Looking at the map, the track beyond White Hill Farm seems like a good place to park. They have spoken with Mary Blandford at the farm and she is happy for the team to park in the farmyard. They will clarify the meeting place and time nearer the time.

After these initial activities we could then look at other path clearing work that might be required around the village.

I would emphasise that we are looking at the ‘light’ path clearing work at the moment – just branch loppers, shears and secateurs!

I know nothing about our local walks but, fortunately, there are those among us who have spent over 50 years in the village and they know about all the local paths, boundaries and potential problems with landowners etc. So I will leave them to take the lead on those matters. But I am happy to act as a ‘facilitator’ in the outset and to look after the distribution of information.

So if you would like to be a path clearing volunteer and/or you are available for 13th May, please let me know and I will add you to the newsletter distribution list.

Brian Cudby 712600



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