Broadband Deployment in Wiltshire

NGA Broadband deployment in Wiltshire; Public Consultation to Define the Intervention Areas.

The council is consulting all interested parties in Wiltshire to find out about the availability of NGA Broadband in the area.

In January 2013 the council started a contract with British Telecommunications (BT) to provide superfast broadband infrastructure in Wiltshire, in areas where operators would not be using their own investment.

Subsequently in May 2015, the council started a second contract with British Telecommunications (BT), to further extend superfast broadband infrastructure in Wiltshire, again in areas where commercial operators would not be using their own investment.

These contracts were carefully constructed to connect as many premises as possible to superfast broadband infrastructure given the funding available. However there was insufficient funding to connect all premises within the council’s area.

The purpose of this consultation is to ensure that the next round of investment is not used in areas where there already is existing, or planned, NGA broadband infrastructure.

For more information please visit:

For full details of this Public Consultation please refer to the related documents below, within the “supporting documents” tab.

The consultation will be closed at 23:59 hrs on 30 September 2016.

 How you can have your say?

We welcome your comments on this consultation between 26 August 2016 and 30 September 2016.

You can tell us your views by:

E-mail: with the title: NGA Broadband Deployment – Public Consultation Response

The State Aid Public Consultation document has specific requirements with regard to formal consultation submissions from interested organisations.

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