Public Footpath Re-opened!

Happy New Year to you all. 

You might be interested to learn that one of our local path walks has been cleared, in places that were previously impenetrable, and fully signposted.

This is PIFA13,  which stands for the PItton and FArley path 13. 

PIFA13 starts at the top of White Hill, going left towards the equestrian centre. Opposite the equestrian centre gates you will see the first of the path signs. This takes you between two fields.

From there it continues forwards until you reach a ploughed field. The path goes diagonally across this field to the far right corner. When the crop has got a little higher this section of the path across the field will be sprayed so that it is clearly visible.

At the far corner you then carry on along the edge of the next field before entering Hound Wood. Carry on straight ahead along the edge of Hound Wood.

You then pass the back garden of a house (Houndwood) where you take a little jink to the right. This takes you alongside a hedge at the edge of a large field.

This takes you to the junction of PIFA’s 13, 15 and 16. PIFA13 continues on from there for another 1,000 yards or so to join PIFA10, some 300 yards east of Farley Farm.

However, you can make this a circular walk by returning to Pitton, from the three paths junction, using PIFA16 which is fully signposted.

Total time for this circular walk is around 70 minutes.

Note that the track between PIFA13 and PIFA16 in front of the equestrian centre is NOT a public right of way.

Please take this walk and let me know of any difficulties.

Brian Cudby

01722 712600

07815 888089

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