Steps Success!



With 25 volunteers spread over the three days the first set of 10 working party and 4 catering division volunteers began the Steps Project on Saturday. We progressed well during the morning and continued in the afternoon with 7 for the working party. Even with a ½ hour break for the cloudburst, plus a change of clothes (thanks to Mary Emery) we pressed onwards and, believe it or not, we finished the job by around 5:00pm! 








Everybody is astounded at the progress we made. But the photographs are the proof. Sixty five new steps, the path widened in areas and the shrubbery cut back. Not a bad days work at all. 




So a big thank you to the working party and catering party volunteers on the day and to all those who volunteered for the other two days. 

…and after.


A stupendous community effort.

Brian Cudby

01722 712600
07815 888089


And finally…

…the Kissing Gate finishes it off.

First man through!

















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