Can you be a friend to Frogspawn?

Frogspawn is in need of more exercise and I am in need of more time! If anyone knows of a competent smallish rider (up to about 5′ 2″ and 8 stone) who is keen to ride (on a regular basis) I would be more than pleased to see him used. He also loves jumping. He is bombproof in traffic but needs a little help in going forward to begin with (he has not been ridden for a while) as he is so used to being driven only by me (10 years or so of a peculiar love/hate relationship) and given vocal commands from behind rather than the ridden aides.

He is also fine with one or two competent adults in attendance as a lead rein pony, as smaller children are probably more likely to be able to ride in daylight hours during the week. Would consider anyone really experienced to drive him as well. No charge, the object is to get him out and about during the winter months. If you know anyone who might be interested, probably best to phone and have a chat through.

Kind regards,

Fiona (and begrudgingly from Frogspawn who considers his waistline is fine as it is and would much rather daydream and eat).

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