Neighbourhood Watch Week 2019

This week is Neighbourhood Watch Week 2019 with celebrations across the country to mark the amazing work volunteers do in their communities.

Below is an extract from the Our Watch Inspiration website which perfectly sums up what a key part of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board meeting is about on the 11th July. Do come along and be a part of this discussion if you can. The meeting starts at 7pm at Coombe Bissett Village Hall – further information from

Our message this year is that when it comes to Neighbourhood Watch, there is #MoreThanYouExpect.

To kick start the week we have today launched Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration, a collection of the most innovative work being undertaken by our volunteers across England and Wales.

The database contains examples of how Neighbourhood Watch groups are changing their communities for the better. In each case, volunteers explain how they developed their project, the impact it had on their community and how they overcame any challenges.

Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration allows users to contact the author of each example with the hope of generating fruitful conversations between members.

Stay connected with Neighbourhood Watch on Facebook and Twitter where all this week we’ll be showcasing the full range of activities our volunteers undertake to improve their neighbourhoods using the hashtag: #MoreThanYouExpect.

We’re encouraging members to tell their stories on social media. How has Neighbourhood Watch helped your community? Why should people start their own schemes? Be sure to use our hashtag when you post!

If there’s just one thing you do today, please share our Facebook and Twitter posts with your friends, families and neighbours.

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