YourPVH – Your Village Hall Needs You!

The Pitton Village Hall Management Committee has been looking at ways of getting more Pitton residents engaged in the use and direction of the and Field.  They recognise that not all residents are able to commit to attending meetings and have busy lives, but they want everyone to have channels to express their views and ideas.

One outcome has been the creation of a ‘Your PVH‘ Facebook page and Twitter feed (@yourPVH) so that everyone who lives in Pitton and who has a smartphone, tablet, laptop or teenager to have their say on the use and future of our village hall and fields.

We have a wonderful but underutilised resource not just in the village hall itself, but in the field behind it. We want this facility to be at the heart of our village life and we need your ideas and support to make that happen. So, have your say and put your ideas out here – no matter how unusual.

Please like the page and recommend it to any of your friends in the village so that they can become involved too.

PLEASE NOTE – The Facebook page and Twitter feed are part of a PVH working group initiative. Any opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions and policy of the Pitton Village Hall Management Committee.

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