Guides and Rangers Tackle Plastic Pollution

Guides and Rangers Tackle Plastic Pollution

This week Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers are being challenged to tackle plastic pollution and make a difference to our world.  In a Girlguiding survey over 76,000 girls and 16,000 leaders were asked about what is important to them and all agreed that they wanted to see a world with less plastic polluting our oceans and affecting wildlife and a world where recycling and reusing things are part of everyday life.

1st Pitton Guides and Bourne Valley Rangers worked together to collect their plastic waste over a 2-week period and used it to make an eye catching sculpture.  Alice, 12, really enjoyed making the sculpture as ‘It felt good to use the plastic waste to make something productive’.  With the help of local artist, Suzie Gutteridge, the girls spent the evening designing and building a plastic sea turtle. Caitie, 12, said that it was important to make an animal that was endangered by the amount of plastic thrown away.

The girls have displayed the sculpture at the front of Pitton Village Hall for everyone to see.  Lily, 11, said that ‘it is important to draw people’s attention to the plastic waste problem’.

As part of the event, the girls have also promised to use less plastic in their lives, by not buying as many drinks in plastic bottles and avoiding buying fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic.  As Imogen, 13, said ‘this evening has shown how much plastic we produce’.

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