Speeding, or not, in Pitton and Farley

Pitton and Farley Parish – Do we need traffic calming measures???

Pitton and Farley Parish residents are invited to a public meeting at the Pitton Village Hall on Thu 26 March 2020 at 6.30pm to air their views on the need for, or otherwise of, traffic calming measures in Pitton and Farley villages.

There are several measures that could reduce traffic speeds through the 2 villages. To succeed in introducing any traffic calming measures there are a series of steps:

1. There must be very substantial Parish support for traffic calming measures (hence this meeting).

2. The Pitton and Farley Parish Council should support a request to Wiltshire Council Community Area Transport Group (CATG) for improvements to be identified and costed.

3. Wiltshire  Council CATG must support the application.

Let me stress here that Wiltshire Council (CATG), will only consider a scheme if it supported by the Parish Council and, most importantly, the local community. This is where your involvement is essential.

Please attend our meeting on Thu 26 March 2020 and make your views known. If you are unable to attend, why not contact me? I can provide more details on the above and you can tell me whether you support the adoption of traffic calming measures, or not.

Clive Gutteridge
Co-Opted Pitton and Farley Parish Councillor
Email: speeding@pittonandfarley-pc.gov.uk

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