‘Lockdown’ Online Yoga in Pitton

Yoga in Pitton

While we’re all distancing/isolating, here is an opportunity to try yoga at home. ALL LEVELS welcome – yoga is not about how good you are at poses, but how you feel in a pose.

I’m a yoga teacher and I live in the village, we moved here just a few weeks ago. I’ve been asked if I’d be willing to support the community by sharing some yoga classes online to help us feel connected during these strange and unsettling times. I’d be delighted to.

Yoga is hugely beneficial physically, it’s a lovely way to get strong and flexible. But the physical poses in yoga (the “asanas”) are only part of it. Yoga helps us mentally and emotionally too. Even our breath control in yoga helps us to reduce stress levels. By breathing deeply and rhythmically it tells our brain we are safe, we are in control. Yoga means to yoke, or to bind together – it’s very much about community.

I’m not flexible enough/young enough/good enough ….

There are NO qualifying factors to start yoga. If you’re thinking “I’m not flexible enough/I’m too old/it’s not for men/I can’t relax/I’m not good enough” – yoga is for everybody. If you can move and breathe, you can do yoga!

How will it work?

The first thing to do is contact me at nicky@quercusyoga.co.uk. I will then be able to send you more information about what to expect, what you’ll need and how to join in. There will be no charge for attending these online classes during the current unique situation.

What will I need?

I will send more info to those who are interested, but basically bare feet and a yoga mat! And a laptop/ipad or similar.

When will these live sessions take place?

The first one will be on Monday 30 March 3rd at 09:30. Thereafter, probably Monday and Thursday mornings at 09:30.


Please look after yourself in class – whether face to face or online. By taking part you are participating at your own risk, so please listen to your body and rest when you need to 😊 If in doubt, or you have an injury or an illness that you think might prevent you doing yoga, ask your doctor’s advice.

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