Hook & Glove to Re-open 4th July!

Good morning and I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine.

This is a quick note, as I have had many enquiries, as to the future of the pub. As most of you know I have now retired, but Pete is (bravely) planning on re-opening on Saturday 4th July. We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we comply fully with all the strict requirements for re-opening to safeguard, you, our staff and ourselves which is obviously our first priority. The Government, as I am sure you are aware, have not long since published the guidelines as to precisely what those requirements are so it will be a few days before we can finalise our opening plans to make sure we are in full compliance.

Pete will be sending an email out early next week detailing the hours we will be open and the safeguards that will be in place and general information about menus, availability of beers and ciders etc.

This is a testing time for everyone and I am sure you will realise that the pub is going to need all the support possible to ensure that it has a secure future in these uncertain times particularly from the village itself as tourist trade which has been a large part of our custom will be slow to start with.

Here’s hoping we can raise a (distanced) glass or two next Saturday to wish Pete luck in his new venture and can look forward to happier times.

Hasta la vista! Fiona.

One thought on “Hook & Glove to Re-open 4th July!

  1. Great News.. wish you every success Pete in your new venture. We will do our best to support you.
    Happy retirement Fiona !

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