Speeding in Pitton and Farley


Pitton and Farley Parish – Calming The Traffic

There are several measures that could reduce traffic speeds through the two villages. To succeed in introducing any traffic calming measures there are a series of steps which can be seen in this new video from the Parish Council.

Wiltshire Council (CATG), will only consider a scheme if it supported by the Parish Council and, most importantly, the local community. This is where your involvement is essential.

We hope to set up a feedback page soon to allow residents to have their say – watch this space.

Clive Gutteridge
Co-Opted Pitton and Farley Parish Councillor
Email: speeding@pittonandfarley-pc.gov.uk


2 thoughts on “Speeding in Pitton and Farley

  1. Such a shame that this video wasn’t taken in the hours when it is busy. High Street is particularly high speed due to the straight road which encourages some drivers to use it as a race track. Otherwise good examples of what could be done to calm the traffic. Let’s get on with traffic calming before someone is hurt.

  2. The best solution is a traffic speed indication device, I definitely take notice of these when I come across them. A lot of the surrounding villages have these installed and they appear to work efficiently.
    The roads in Pitton and Farley are too narrow for pavements, cycle lanes and chicanes.
    Why did you not feature the speed indication device in the video?
    You appear to have already decided what you want to happen before consulting with villagers etc

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