Pitton Village Hall 100 Club

You might have heard of the PVH 100 Club which was established to raise funds for the village hall. The club raised an excellent £3,592 in 2020 and we are now entering our second year of operation and looking for new members.

The objective of the club is to sign up 100 members paying £100 per annum or £9 per month. Then, every quarter on the first Sundays in April, July, October and January, we hold draw events. These are planned to take place in the village hall, between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm, for all members – with non-members allowed entry for a small fee. At each draw event, we will serve wine and nibbles – free of charge. You might have guessed that we were not able to hold any draw events in the hall in 2020, but we hope to start these in 2021, hopefully from August onwards. In the meantime, we are holding the draws on the front drive of John’s house!

Five numbers will be drawn at each event – being one prize of £500, one of £200 and three of £100. Plus, we draw one extra number, for a prize of £1,000, at each of the draw events in January and July. This means that the club will pay members £6,000 in prizes AND you will enjoy free wine and nibbles at each draw event.

Attached are the rules of the club and a poster. If you are interested in joining please reply to this email and I will let you know which numbers are available. Note that you are allowed to take more than one number.

For the Pitton 100 Club rules, please see here.

For more information, please contact Brian Cudby on 01722 712600 or email at briancudby8@gmail.com

Promoter: JL Veck, Whitehill Lodge, White Hill, Pitton
Registered number: LN/000010677 Society: Pitton Village Hall, Charity number: 305566


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