News from St Peter’s, Pitton

Good evening Everyone,

Autumn is definitely here so what better than an invitation to church on Sunday that will be followed by home-made SOUP! We are holding a “SOUPER SUNDAY” Service for ALL the family and our PathFinders and we hope that you will all be able to come!

The Giant Harvest Pumpkin has been transformed and it has contributed to some delicious soup that will be offered for a donation to TearFund. Please bring some pocket money with you!

I thanked the cleaners and gardeners last week for their big Saturday clean up but I just want to add that it was much appreciated on Sunday by Simon and the congregation who gathered for Climate Sunday.

Please note that Tea and Chatter will take place on Tuesdays from now on.

We wish you a very happy weekend and hope that you stay dry!

With best wishes from Sara et al

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