Homes For Ukraine

Dear Pitton villagers,

You will be aware of the “Homes for Ukraine” initiative which seeks to provide temporary homes to refugees from the war there. I know of a few residents in the village, including ourselves, who have registered to host a family and am keen to find out if there are more. I am sure that sharing our experiences and concerns will be helpful to us all – the application process is far from easy and hosting will present many challenges. So please do get in touch whether you already have someone coming or have just registered your interest but heard nothing more.

We would also love to hear from anyone who cannot host but would like to help in other ways. Particularly useful would be any offers of temporary employment – most of our guests will want to be able to work if they can. Offers of help with transport would also be useful. If any young children come, we will probably be on the lookout for unwanted carseats and, of course, any babies/toddlers will have a long list of requirements. Please do get in touch if you have any other suggestions for ways in which you might be able to help,

Many thanks,

Wendy Everitt

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