Pitton Platinum Jubilee Charity Donation – Thank You

The Platinum Jubilee celebration organising group would like to thank everybody for their support in making the four days of Jubilee festivities such a success.

There were some costs involved and to pay for these we organised a donations bucket, which raised £240.20. Plus, after giving a Pitton Jubilee mug to every child in attendance, we sold the mugs we had left over and raised a further £350.00.

After expenses we are left with a surplus of £285.25, and there are still a few more mugs to be sold in the shop.

We are donating the surplus to the Salisbury Community Hub for Ukraine. The Salisbury Hub was set up to provide a support network for Ukrainian refugees and their hosts. This has been done this under the auspices of the Salisbury Methodist Church which has generously provided space and additional support. This includes a meeting place, information and advice, language classes, a matching facility plus other useful services.

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