Wiltshire Community Food Providers Survey

We are developing a Wiltshire community food providers interactive map that will show where projects and services are based and will provide further information for residents about eligibility and how to be referred (where applicable). Community food providers are encouraged to add information about their project and service by completing this survey. This is working in tandem with our mapping on warm spaces to add another layer of vital community information for local residents.

The aim of the map is to help:

direct the public to essential community food support
better understand the provision across Wiltshire
build strengths and enable groups to work in a collaborative fashion
identify and address gaps in provision

Data is collected, held and mapped by Wiltshire Council. If organisations have multiple food provision locations, these are encouraged to submit one form per venue.

Please do complete the survey if relevant to you, and/or pass on to your local contacts and networks as appropriate, and promote where you can.

Tel: 01722 434697 Email: karen.linaker@wiltshire.gov.uk Web: www.wiltshire.gov.uk

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