Epiphany at St Peter’s, Pitton

Good morning dear Friends,

The Wise Men follow the Star that leads to Jesus thus proving to the world that the Son of God is for everyone and not just the Jewish people. Please do join us for this spectacular of Festivals as Simon leads us in our Parish Eucharist at 11am.

You will notice a significant change inside the building when you enter the church tomorrow:
The PCC have increased the usable space in the north west corner by removing three pews thus allowing more people to gather in comfort for Tea and Chatter on Tuesday afternoons. This has been done by Paul Kerley whose excellent work you can admire while we enjoy refreshments after our service. This has been done under temporary permission for 15 months and over this next year we hope to gather opinions on whether it should be made permanent and if we should extend the reordering further. The work has been paid for with a grant from the Diocese to enhance our “Warm Space” facility on Tuesdays and Sundays.

One further change in the last few months is that Joan Lodge is now kindly choosing our hymns for us so if you have a favourite then do speak to her! Thank you Joan.

May we also take this opportunity to thank the flower ladies who generously filled our church with poinsettia plants and candles and made St Peter’s beautiful once again for our Christmas festivities. Thank you especially to Liz Hart and Hilary.

We wish you every blessing for 2023,

From us all on the PCC,

Sara and Linda and Debbie and Sarah and Phillip

Image by Freepic

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