Pitton Village Hall 100 Club

I am sure you have heard of the PVH 100 Club, but just in case you haven’t. The PVH 100 Club is the main fundraising operation for Pitton Village Hall. The hall is a charity and it manages payment of day to day expenses from the income from hall and marquee hires. But major maintenance, enhancements and redecoration costs are all paid from the capital raised through fundraising efforts. We have just embarked on a major review of the hall facilities and will soon be spending some of the capital built up over the past years, so we need to keep the fundraising efforts going.

The basic idea of the club is to have 100 numbers purchased by people at a cost of £100 per annum, or £9 per month, for each number. Every three months we hold a draw event in the hall where we supply FREE drinks and nibbles to those who attend. Numbers are then drawn at random and we award cash prizes as:
1 x £500
1 x £250
7 x £100
These prize amounts are pro-rated to the number of numbers actually purchased. On average we pay out c. 60% of the funds received in cash prizes.

The PVH 100 Club has just completed its third year during which it has raised nearly £10,400 towards the capital projects fund. We have held 12 draw events and paid 81 cash prizes amounting to over £16,400 to the lucky winners. The club averages around 90 numbers purchased and we would like to see all 100 numbers going into the quarterly draws.

Pitton village hall is one of the most important assets in our village, so please support us if you can.

Let me know if you would like to purchase one, or more, numbers.

Thank you.

Brian Cudby

Promoter: JL Veck, Whitehill Lodge, White Hill, Pitton
Registered number: LN/000010677 Society: Pitton Village Hall, Charity number: 305566

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