Check Your Recycling!

Wiltshire Council is launching a new awareness campaign to provide people with more information about what can and can’t be recycled using its kerbside collection services, and how to correctly dispose of potentially hazardous items.

Waste crews will be stepping up their visual checks of recycling bins from Monday 13 February and will advise residents if their bins cannot be emptied due to the wrong items being place in the recycling bin. From Monday 20 February, they will attach an amber hanger to any contaminated bins they come across. This hanger will advise people that their blue-lidded bin had the wrong items in it, but it will still be emptied on that collection.

From Monday 6 March, crews will begin rejecting more heavily contaminated bins and will attach a red hanger that explains why the bin has not been emptied. In these cases, residents will need to remove the contamination ready for their next scheduled collection.

For more information, please see the Wiltshire Council website

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