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Hello dear Friends,
This being the Fourth Sunday in Lent, it is traditionally celebrated as Mothering Sunday. We remember and give thanks for our Mother Church, the Cathedral and of course for our mothers. We also give thanks for others, who have mothered us in our lives. This is not always an easy day for people but we are delighted that our Methodist Minister, Bryan will be with us and he is very aware of the complexities that can surround our relationships with our mothers. You are all most welcome at 11am. We hope that some of our younger mothers of the PathFinders might be able to come and then we can give thanks for the life that you and your families bring to our church. refreshments will follow as always.
I’m pleased to report that the audio facilities for outside services at St Peter’s Pitton are now in place.  Following a successful test this morning, the organ can now be heard clearly in the churchyard, along with voice accompaniment from up to four microphones, two wired and two wireless.
We wish you a very good weekend and look forward to seeing you on Sunday,
From Sarah and Sara and Linda and Debbie


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