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Letter from the Parishes for April 2023

Dear Friends,

When I let my wet, muddy dogs in this morning, accompanied by an arctic wind, at least the hope that Spring is near, that new life is already bursting into flower and bud despite the weather, cheered me. I think it’s very often small things that give us hope, like snowdrops in January, tiny instances of bigger things to come. I got a new puppy last year and through the winter she has been a real source of joy and new life in the house. She is a great character and greets us constantly as if we’ve been away for hours when it’s just minutes. Hope so often comes with new life of all kinds.

This is a poem about hope and faith by Jancarl Campi:-

One day you will see that it has all finally come together.
What you have always wished for has finally come to be.
You will look back and laugh at what has passed
and you will ask yourself, ‘How did I get through all of that?’
Just never let go of hope.
Just never quit dreaming.
And never let love depart from your life.

When you receive this Easter will be very near and it’s a time of great hope and great love. Hope is so important to all of us, particularly after the long, worrying winter we’ve had. After the long, and terrible journey to the cross, that Jesus bore, his friends deserting him, and the excruciating pain he had to bear before death, all seemed lost and hope gone as he took the world’s sin upon him and died for it. But in rising he overcame death. That is the wonderful message of hope for every one of us at Easter, because through Jesus we have access to God, who knows and loves each one of us, and through Jesus we have eternal life.

I hope that Easter will be a time of hope, love and new life for you.


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