News from St Peter’s, Pitton

Update from St Peter’s Church

The Church and its churchyard are always open throughout the day and offer both cool in the summer indoors and shade outside when the weather is fair! It is a beautiful place to picnic and is lovingly cared for with photos of the wildlife available for you to find and enjoy. Please do make use of this precious village space.

Tea, Cake and Chatter will continue on Tuesday afternoons from 3-4.30 and the regular Pitton Prayer takes place at 9.15 on Tuesday mornings. We always welcome newcomers and requests for prayer. The church receives no money from the Government and relies solely for its income on its members, friends and the donation box in the wall inside the door on the left. If you can think of any way that we can raise additional funds then please do speak to either of the Sarahs or Debbie.

The PCC want to thank you all for your ongoing love and support. You are much appreciated.

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