Pitton & Farley Parish Council

The official government website of Pitton and Farley Parish Council, can be found here, where you will find all the current official Parish Council publications, regulations, reports, agendas and minutes. Parish Council meetings, which are generally held monthly alternating between each village, are public meetings.  They are advertised on the Parish Council notice board and on the Parish Council website, and all members of the public are invited to attend the meetings.

If you would like to raise something for discussion by the Council please e-mail the Parish Clerk. or visit the Parish Council website.


About the PC
From grass-cutting, bus shelters, notice boards, benches, trees and drainage, to looking after the children's play area. Learn what the PC does, here.
General Information
Pitton Ward is a sub-division of the Parish Council.
Pitton Flooding & Flood Plan
The Pitton Flood Plan is maintained by the Flood Committee to give vital information about the likelihood of, and response to, flooding in the village of Pitton.
Southern Wiltshire Area Board
The Area Board is a formally constituted arm of Wiltshire Council, and has delegated authority assigned to it to act as a local executive arm of Wiltshire Council.