Pitton & Farley Parish Councillors

CHAIRMAN – David Ball – Jasmine, The Green, Pitton
VICE CHAIR – Sarah Ackrill – Hambledon, Above Hedges, Pitton.

Pitton Ward

James Boswell, Brockway, The Green, Pitton

Farley Ward

Awaiting co-option of new councillors. Temporary Farley Representative – Sarah Ackrill.

The Parish Councillors’ Register of Interest may be viewed here.

Wiltshire Councillor

Richard Britton, Aranda, The Avenue, Porton, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 0NT

You can e-mail the Parish Council via the Clerk at clerk@pittonandfarley-pc.gov.uk

For the official government website of Pitton and Farley Parish Council, please visit here, where you will find all the current official Parish Council publications, regulations, reports, agendas and minutes.

The current Standing Orders are here (May 2018).
The current Complaints Procedure is here (May 2013)
The current Financial Regulations are here (May 2013)
The current Published Information Guide is here (May 2013)

The Southern Wiltshire Area Board covers the parishes shown in the attached map.  More details about what the Area Board does may be found here.

An excellent site for anyone engaged in planning is The Planning Portal, the UK Government’s online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. The site includes national and local guidelines, building regulations, an interactive house so you can discover what rules/regs cover any part of the house you may wish to change, and guidance on how to make a planning application.

The Clerk publishes a note for new members of the Parish Council which can be read here.


About the PC
From grass-cutting, bus shelters, notice boards, benches, trees and drainage, to looking after the children's play area. Learn what the PC does, here.
PC Meetings & Minutes
The Dates of and agendas, minutes and other documentation for all post-April 2019 meetings can be found at pittonandfarley-pc.gov.uk. Annual Town and Council Parish Reports for 2018-2019 This report explains the work of the Council over the last...
PC Finances 2013-2019
Here you can find a summary of the recent Parish Council accounts
Farley Ward
Farley Ward is a sub-division of the Parish Council. Its Leader is Geoff Lowndes.
Pitton Ward
Pitton Ward is a sub-division of the Parish Council.
Parish Plan
The Pitton and Farley Parish Plan was published in 2007 and describes the community's opinions on the important issues, with action plans.
Transparency Code
Information required by the Transparency Code can be found here.
Speeding in Pitton & Farley
  So you think there's a problem with speeding through the villages? For the high-quality version click here. [video width="640" height="360"...