Pitton Ward

Pitton and Farley Parish Council have a Ward for each village.

We are your first port of call for anything to do with Pitton for which the Council has a responsibility. In some cases we have the resources to deal with the problem, but in most cases we can represent your requirements or complaints to the district or county officers.

The Ward meets as required to assess planning applications. These are public meetings, they are advertised on the Parish Council notice board, and you are encouraged to attend the meeting if your application is to be discussed and especially if you wish to present your views to the committee. Other meetings to discuss matters affecting Pitton are held as necessary.

The Pitton Ward as part of the Parish Council is currently concerned with:

  1. Flooding – The installation of an electrical power supply for a pump.
  2. Roads – The condition of the roads especially Above Hedges.
  3. Publicity – The present Parish council notice board is inadequate and a large notice board is being purchased.

Your Ward Councillors can be found here.  If you would like to raise something for discussion by Pitton Ward, please e-mail the Parish Clerk. or visit the Parish Council website.