Wilts Council Local Development Framework.

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is the name given to the overall folder of local development documents (LDDs). Together the LDDs provide the Local Planning Authority’s land use and spatial policies for the area.

The Council’s overall priority is to focus on delivery of the Wiltshire Core Strategy as soon as is reasonably possible. However, it will be important to produce additional LDDs once capacity and resources become available to have in place the full suite of documents that are required to fully replace the existing District Local Plans and associated supplementary guidance to provide consistent policy across Wiltshire. Given that any subsequent Development Plan Documents (DPD) and Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPD) must conform to the Wiltshire Core Strategy, the Core Strategy needs to be far enough advanced so that any future documents can be prepared in accordance with it.

The Core Strategy is an important document, setting out a spatial strategy and planning policies for the next 20 years. It is a key part of the Local Development Framework (“LDF”) for Wiltshire. Together with the South West Regional Spatial Strategy (“RSS”), national planning policy and saved polices from the Local Plan it will form the basis of planning decisions in the south of the County for the next 20 years. Together this policy, with the exception of national planning policy, is known as the Development Plan.

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