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    St. Peter’s, Pitton
    Details of Sunday services may be found at

    St. Peter’s is not just about Sundays. It is all about its people! Those who come on Sundays, those who do the gardening, those who clean, those who open and lock up the church: ALL those who care in one way or another about our church and for our church. We are grateful to you all. See here for details of what else happens in and around the church during the rest of the week. Click here to go to the History of St.Peters.

    What makes for a vibrant village? The school, the shop, the pub, the village hall, the various clubs and activities contribute much to our village life.

    St Peter's
    St. Peter’s, a Church of England church, has been a central part of village life for hundreds of years. By tradition, there was a church on the site before Salisbury Cathedral (completed in 1258) was built. Although one wall and the font may date from the C11th or C12th, most of the current structure dates from 1860. It has a good stained gNew Noticeboardlass window by Charles Eamer Kempe (see below).



    Right : A new noticeboard for St.Peter’s – beautifully designed and crafted by Mase Mason of The Green, Pitton.


    Click here for more about the history of St. Peters.

    St. Peter’s is now also the home of the Methodist society in Pitton.  On 10 May 2008, we signed a Declaration of Ecumenical Welcome formalising the use of St. Peter’s by the Methodist church. The Methodist Steward is Sarah Sankey – 01722 712581 and more information is available from the Salisbury Methodist Circuit Web site.




    Left : Stained glass window by Charles Eamer Kempe, from c.1886






    We are here to worship God and serve the people of Pitton

    We seek to do this by following the “The Great Commandment” as in Matthew 22.37-39:

    “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” (Worship)
    “This is the greatest and first commandment. And the second is like it:You shall love your neighbour as yourself” (Service)

    We belong to the Clarendon Team and together we subscribe to the following Mission Statement:

    We belong to the Clarendon Team of Churches and we aim to follow the Diocesan vision of RENEWING HOPE: PRAY SERVE GROW!

     Who we are

    • The Clarendon Team Rector is Revd Dr Simon Chambers, He has pastoral responsibility.
    • Revd Cynthia Buttimer and Revd Jane Dunlop are Team Priests
    • Licensed Lay Ministers are Debbie McIsaac.and Michael Barratt
    • Rev. Bryan Coates is the Methodist Minister
    • Sara Bossom and Val Powley (712746) are Lay Pastoral Assistants for Pitton and are trained in providing pastoral care to parishioners.
    • The Pitton members of the Farley with Pitton PC are responsible for St Peter’s.
    • These are:
      • Churchwarden – currently vacant
      • Debbie McIsaac Deanery Synod Rep and PCC member
      • Val Powley, PCC Member
      • Sarah Sankey, PCC Member and Methodist Warden
      • We are looking for a new Treasurer.

    See the full list of contacts, below

    Our aim

    Our aim is to make God known. In all that we do, we seek to be

    • a church which is relevant to and meeting the needs of the people of Pitton
    • contributing to the work of the church in the parish of Farley with Pitton
    • supporting the pupils, teachers and governors of Pitton Primary School
    • an active member of the Clarendon Team of churches.

    We seek to be… a worshipful church

    We usually have the following Sunday Services at 11.00 a.m. in St. Peter’s:

    • 1st Sunday: Worship Service with PathFinders, our children’s church.
    • 2nd Sunday: Eucharistic service
    • 3rd Sunday: Methodist Service
    • 4th Sunday: Eucharistic Service
    • 5th Sundays: we join with other churches in the Clarendon Team

    We believe that everything we do should be underpinned by prayer so we meet to pray every Tuesday in St Peter’s from 9.15 to 9.45, it could be just two or three or up to ten people but it has happened for fifteen years without omission.

    St_Peter's_Drawing“Where two or three are gathered together there I will be too”

    Requests for prayer: contact Hilary Semmons


    • Tuesday Group – see Events

    We seek to be . . . a welcoming and inclusive church

    • For people of all ages and backgrounds, whether they are new to the village or have lived here for many years. If you are new to the village and would like some information on the village, contact  Sara Bossom
    • Children are always welcome at our services. On the first Sunday of every month, PathFinders meet during the service at 11.00 a.m. Contact Sara Bossom
    • St. Peter’s is open seven days a week, usually from dawn to dusk for prayer and reflection




    Pitton Prayer Group 2017.



    We seek to be . . . a joyful and grateful church

    We think having fun is important and the church in Pitton hosts several events each year including Village Breakfasts, Lent lunches, Guest Services, and a St Peter’s Day celebration. Everyone is warmly invited to these events. Check Events and the Calendar for notices of upcoming events. 

    We thank God for the friends and neighbours who provide practical support to the church by providing venues, cutting the grass, cleaning the church, arranging the flowers, participating in the church opening rota, producing and distributing the Dun Valley News and contributing in many different ways. We could not function as well as we do without these willing volunteers.  St Peter’s is all about its people!

    St.Peter's Cleaners



    The St.Peter’s Cleaning Team





    For information regarding Safeguarding in St Peter’s Church, please see


    Enquiries concerning baptisms, confirmation, weddings and funerals should initially be directed to the Team Rector.

    • Team Rector – Revd Dr. Simon Chambers
    • Team Administrator – Jolande Bunyan 01980 863635
    • Priest – Cynthia Buttimer 01980 862017
    • Priest – Jane Dunlop 01794 884793
    • Priest & Team Curate – David Perry 07749 199453
    • Methodist Minister – Rev Bryan Coates 02380 252960
    • Licensed Lay Ministers – Debbie McIsaac.and Michael Barratt
    • Lay Pastoral Assistants – Sara Bossom – 01980 611133, Val Powley 712746
    • Churchwarden – Post Vacant
    • Churchwarden in Farley – Jane Jeanes 01722 712854
    • Choldren’s Church – Sara Bossom 01980 611133
    • Church buildings and grounds – Tim Hawkes – 01722 712577
    • Treasurer POST VACANT (financial work currently undertaken by Mandy Mariner).
    • Electoral Roll – Linda O’Hara 01722 712513
    • Worship Rota – Val Powley 712746
    • Arrangements for baptisms, weddings and funerals, contact Team Administrator (above)
    • Organists – Kate Woodfine, Ben Maton and Wendy Everitt
    • Flowers and decoration – Liz Hart and Hilary Semmons 712538
    • Church opening roster – Ann Forder– 01722 712455
    • Church cleaning roster – Pat Cudby 01722 712600
    • Grass cutting rota – Tim Hawkes– 01722 712 71257

      Click  here for more about the history of St.Peters.

    St Peters’ Church is part of the Clarendon Group of churches, nine Church of England Churches in the historic area of Clarendon just East of Salisbury in Wiltshire, nine Church of England Churches in the historic area of Clarendon just East of Salisbury in Wiltshire. Each church is about people, faith and serving Christ for its local community, keeping faith in our communities alive and active.For more information, please go here.