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    The Church Council

    The parish is the fundamental unit of the Church of England. The Ecclesiastical Parish of Farley with Pitton is part of the Clarendon Team led by the Team Rector.

    The Parish Church is All Saints, Farley.   St. Peters, Pitton is the Parish’s chapel of ease.

    What is the Church Council (PCC)?

    The Church Council is formally known as the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and is the governing body of the parish. PCCs are creatures of statute set up originally by statute in 1919. The PCC is a charity, although excepted from the need to register with the Charity Commission.

    What does the PCC do?

    The PCC is, with the incumbent and the churchwardens, responsible for

    • the spiritual and religious life of the church,
    • the parish’s finances and church property
    • advising on the appointment of Foundation Governors to Pitton Primary School
    • appointing representatives to the Clarendon Team Council

    The PCC has two standing committees with some delegated responsibilities for :

    How does the PCC work?

    The PCC meets several times a year to:

    • discuss ways in which to strengthen the relationship between the two churches
    • arrange worship services and programmes of activities including for example Lent courses and social events, and agree our mission objectives
    • review finance and funding
    • consider issues or questions that may be referred to us by the Clarendon Team or the Alderbury Deanery
    • deal with lots of other issues large and small

    Sunday worship in the Parish:

    11.00 am St Peter’s, Pitton All Saints’, Farley
    1st Sunday  Eucharist with PathFinders Morning Prayer
    2nd Sunday   Worship Service Eucharist
    3rd Sunday  Methodist Service Evensong
    4th Sunday Eucharist Eucharist
    5th Sunday We join with other churches in the Clarendon team

    Details of services are posted on the churches’ notice boards and can be found at: is our junior church for children of all ages. PathFinders meet during the 11 am service on the 1st Sunday of the month at Pitton.

    For more details contact Sara Bossom     

    Mid-week in the parish:

    Everyone is invited to:

    Tuesdays                  9.15am        Informal Prayers         St.Peter’s Pitton
    Wednesdays            2.00pm         Julian Group, Pitton – see Calendar for details








    All Age-Eucharist Services

    There are bi-monthly All-Age Eucharist services at Farley led by the Rev Elizabeth and with the involvement of the Pitton and Farley PathFinders.  These are specifically to encourage families to attend and to introduce new people to a more family-centred form of worship and celebration.

    Previously we have had a Christingle Service with Christmas Tea Party in the Nave and a Mothering Sunday Service with the Farley and Pitton 1st Brownie Pack. Refreshments are served after the service.

    Pastoral Care
    The Team Rector has pastoral responsibility for the villages of Farley and Pitton as well as for the other churches in the Clarendon Team.Cynthia Buttimer and Jane Dunlop are Team Curates. The Licensed Lay Ministers are Debbie McIsaac of Pitton and Doreen White of Whiteparish.

    The Lay Pastoral Assistants are friendly faces and helping hands in meeting the pastoral needs of the community. Our LPAs in Pitton and Farley are Sue Sinclair and Sara Bossom of Pitton.

    Mission Giving

    We make mission and priority and our churches work together to support people in need. The churches ‘tithe’ or give 10% of our gross income to these causes and hold special fundraising events are organised. In 2011, we are supporting:

    • The Bridge Projectwhich provides Christian teaching and support services to schools.
    • Mission Aviation Fellowship who provide vital air transport all over the world. MAF’s mission is to operate light aircraft in remote places where flying is not a luxury, but a real lifeline.
    Matthew 23:35-45

    ‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    We also collect food and supplies for the Trussell Trust in Salisbury, and hope to offer some support to emergency appeals. Donations to the Trussell Trust Food Bank can be left at the Post Office and Village Shop, Pitton or in St. Peter’s Pitton.

    From the top:

    We are:

    • In the Diocese of Salisbury
    • In the Alderbury Deanery – Rural Dean is Rev. Vanda Rowe, Porton
    • In the Diocese of Salisbury
    • In the Clarendon Team – The Team Rector

    The Church of England Ministry Team

    • Clarendon Team Rector -Post Vacant
    • Clarendon Team Priest – Elizabeth Moore-Bick
    • Curates Cynthia Buttimer and Jane Dunlop
    • Licensed Lay Ministers
    •  Debbie McIsaac, Pitton
    • – Doreen White, Whiteparish,
    • Lay Pastoral Assistants – Sue Sinclair and Sara Bossom.The Methodist Church

      Rev. Susan Holden (01980 623948) of Amesbury has responsibility for the Methodist church and society in Pitton and Farley. The lay representative of the Methodist society who also serves on the Parochial Church Council is Sarah Sankey (01722 712581) of Pitton.

    Who is on the PCC?

    • The Team Rector (Post Vacant)
    • Tim Hawkes is the Lay Chair.
    • Debbie McIsaac as Licensed Lay Ministers
    • The position of PCC Secretary is currently vacant.
    • Debbie McIsaac as Deanery Synod Lay ChairElected members are:
    • Tim Hawkes
    • Sara Bossom

    How is the PCC elected and who does it include?

    • The PCC is elected by those on the Church Electoral Roll at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which is held each April.
    • Elected PCC members serve for a term of 3 years.