There is a myth that yoga is only for the young and bendy, or it’s “just about stretching”, or only for women. Yoga is for EVERYONE. It is indeed a wonderful way to build strength and flexibility but it’s so much more than that. The physical poses in yoga (the “asanas”) are only part of it. Yoga helps us mentally and emotionally too. Even our breath control in yoga helps us to reduce stress levels and relax, allowing muscles to lengthen.

Nor is it all about what you look like in a yoga pose. It’s about how you FEEL.

Pitton Yoga started back in March 2020, just as we went into lockdown! There are now three classes a week and private lessons for those who wish. You can join us in the studio here in Pitton or  online with your yoga mat/laptop on the sitting room floor for live classes (not pre-recorded videos). We are a very welcoming and friendly group of yogis! We have complete beginners, to experienced yogis, athletes working on their flexibility or posture and people with injuries rehabilitating.

I teach Vinyasa yoga (which means to flow, we flow from one pose to the next)  in a way which is gentle yet powerful, incorporating postural alignment. You take rest whenever you need to, always listening to your body.  You will be astonished at how quickly you feel a difference

“The quality of your teaching is outstanding … I joined your first classes with a degree of ‘I’ll give it one more go.  I never ‘got’ yoga in the past and did not enjoy it one bit.  I now look forward to my Monday morning yoga! … As further proof to myself, a few weeks ago I’d had a bad night on the Sunday, felt very anxious and tearful and wasn’t sure I’d join the class on Monday morning. But I did … and by the end of the session I was thinking clearly, my body felt better and I enjoyed the rest of the day.  Thank you!”

“I just love the way you take me (and my body!) to another level in my yoga practice. The way you break down/describe the flow and poses has been really helpful. Loving yoga with you – thank you!”

How do I find out more?

The first thing to do is look at my website  (you’ll find details of classes there, photographs, stories and helpful info in the FAQs section) or email me at I will then be able to send you more information about what to expect, what you’ll need and how to join in.

Please look after yourself in class – whether face to face or online. By taking part you are participating at your own risk, so please listen to your body and rest when you need to 😊 If in doubt, or you have an injury or an illness that you think might prevent you doing yoga, ask your doctor’s advice.

If you are within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy I would advise you NOT to practice yoga asanas (the physical practice of yoga). In later pregnancy, please attend a yoga class which is specifically for pregnancy. There are sound reasons for this, which I can explain in detail if you contact me to ask why 😊

I look forward to meeting you.