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Sunday 09 October 2016 at 15:00

Imagine a place where a man, interrupting a sermon in a large place of worship, could be “dragged away, kicked, thrown down and trod upon”.

Imagine a place where, for urging people to repent, a woman, after being stripped to the waist, was whipped in the market place.

Where could this be? The Middle East, perhaps? No. This was Salisbury in 1657. Both of the people mentioned above belonged to a new and radical protestant sect. They were Quakers.

Today Quakers are a part of Salisbury’s faith community. Based in our Meeting House at 51 Wilton Road, the beliefs that drove the first Quakers still drive us. Ken Smith, from the Quakers says, “The notion of a divine spark –“that of God” – in all people, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity, underpins our traditions of peace, honesty, equality and toleration.”

October1st – 9th 2016 is National Quaker Week. To mark this, Salisbury Quakers are holding a short meeting for worship in the Trinity Chapel of the Cathedral at 3pm on Sunday 9th October.

All are welcome to join us.

Find out more about us at: www.salisburyquakers.org<http://www.salisburyquakers.org>

Salisbury Cathedral