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Men of Pitton visit to SeaCity Museum

Wednesday 16 January 2013 at 09:45

Proposed visit on Wednesday 16th January,2013

Visit to Southampton “Seacity Museum” at the Civic Centre housing “Southampton Gateway to the World” and ” Titanic the Legend” exhibitions. Cost £6. per head. Suggested arrival at Southampton at 10.30am.

Lunch at “Duke of Wellington” say 12.15pm to 2pm.

Afternoon visit to Tudor House & Garden or City Art Gallery.

Arrangements:~ Leave Whitehill Lodge at 9.45am. Arrive Southampton say 10.30am. Leave Southampton on return at say 3.30pm to arrive Pitton at say 4.15pm.

Volunteer drivers please. Names to JOHN VECK by MONDAY 14th JANUARY. Hope you can come.

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SeaCity Museum