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“O Radiant Dawn” – the Jane Austen Singers

Saturday 19 September 2015 at 19:30




(Directed by Tim Lowden)

 “ O Radiant Dawn ”

Tim Lowden, a resident of Stockbridge and music director of Stockbridge Music, is delighted to have been asked by the Trust to bring his Jane Austen Singers back to Stockbridge for their third concert in this lovely church, (ideal for small choirs) to raise as much money as possible for the Alex Lewis Trust.Alex and Sam

Alex Lewis, a 33 year old local resident , had a common cold followed by a sore throat which took a sinister path to Strep A Toxic, Septicemia and Necrotising Fasciitis ( sometimes referred to as a flesh eating disease). The devastating result was the amputation of all four of his limbs and the need for extensive facial reconstruction as the infection ravaged his face as well as his limbs. The Trust was set up to help fund Alex’s rehabilitation costs including home adjustments and prosthetics. It is Alex’s aim to return to as an independent life as possible and be able to do the simple things we take for granted like go for a walk with his four year old son and partner Lucy.

For the first half of this concert, the JAS, known for their unaccompanied singing of sacred music covering the centuries, will perform a selection of sacred pieces. The second half, however, will contain part songs and amusing pieces not normally associated with the JAS!Jane Austen Singers

Tim urges you to come and support his efforts to support Alex and to make this an opportunity of raising a significant amount of money towards his aims.

Dickie Davis, a huge supporter of the Alex Lewis Trust, will be master of ceremonies for the evening. There will be interval drinks, raffles and other attractions to make this a very special and enjoyable evening of fundraising for Alex.

Tickets £10 are available from:

The Lights Theatre, Andover                                 01264 368368(credit cards)

Robinsons Butchers, High Street, Stockbridge

Roger Tym, The Old Manse, High Street, Stockbridge     01264 810363

Wine Utopia, Stockbridge (01264 252080) + Winchester 01962 706666

For more information about the Trust go to:


St.Peter's Church, STOCKBRIDGE