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Path Clearing

Wednesday 08 April 2015 at 10:30

Name: Nigel Walsh Paths Group rep
E-mail: nigel_walsh@hotmail.com

I am just corresponding re: footpath work , i.e. path clearing at Pitton. The task has been organised for Wed 8 April at 10:30am up White Hill FP 27 and 16 by the Ramblers starting where they meet at the top. If you know of anyone interested to come along to help perhaps you could ask them to contact me above or on 01980 862469 in Firsdown. There may be one or two of us coming along frp, Firsdown as well but the more the merrier. An hour or all day is fine by us. Patricia Dashwood who is leading the Ramblers has spare hand tools but gloves boots and tools could be handy.
Best Regards
Nigel Walsh
South Wilts Paths Group.

White Hill