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Pitton Path Clearing team

Wednesday 13 May 2015 at 09:50

See the post here for more background details.

In order to avoid confusion I suggest we meet up at The Silver Plough Car park at 09:50 Wednesday 13 May rather than White Hill Farm as it is more easily found by strangers to the village.
We can decide then depending on numbers whether or not to go to 2 work sites.
 One group will be working up at Church copse, the other at Slate Way on the footpath that runs from the pumping station on Clarendon Way and up the hill. I have recently walked around both areas and they shouldn’t take long to clear.
That’s where we should hopefully be working if any can’t make it for 0950hr and as we most know the area visitors shouldn’t ‘get lost’.
Patricia – Slate Way is the track into Clarendon from the central Pitton crossroads. Clarendon Way is the first footpath to the right behind the school right next to the pumping station.
Apologies for messing with the original meeting place but there seems to be more than one Whitehill Farm in Pitton !!
Nigel Walsh

On May 13th there is a path clearing exercise being carried out in the Pitton area by the South Wilts Group. Alan and Rod have already volunteered to help with this.  On the 13th May the South Wilts group plan to finish clearing FP 16 at its southern end, where it enters Church Copse, and possibly also 13, – the path which is partly parallel to 16, but then runs down the edge of Church Copse. This is one that we have cleared several times in the past, but I will have to check it out. Looking at the map, the track beyond White Hill Farm seems like a good place to park. They have spoken with Mary Blandford at the farm and she is happy for the team to park in the farmyard.

So if you would like to be a path clearing volunteer and/or you are available for 13th May, please let me know and I will add you to the newsletter distribution list.  Just a small group is required for this particular exercise and the paths group already have 5 people coming.

Brian Cudby 712600

The group will meet at White Hill Farm at 09.50 . It will be a 10 min walk to reach the bit that needs clearing. Just hand tools needed, such as secateurs, loppers, shears, and small saws. We’ll probably finish well before lunch.


Silver Plough