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Public meeting about Broadband

Saturday 17 November 2012 at 10:00

Greetings from West Tytherley. I am the webmaster for our village website (www.westtytherley.com) and am also the mug that volunteered to jointly lead on a project to improve broadband speeds throughout our parish. I’m not sure about Pitton and Farley, but for us the maximum speed attainable is about 1.5mbps and that’s on a good day and as long as the wind isn’t in the east!! For many residents, 1.5mbps would be a dream and even make working from home possible.

We have been working since Christmas to find an affordable way to improve broadband coverage and believe we have found the right answer; a company called Gigaclear (www.gigaclear.com). You can read more about what we’ve been up to on our broadband page on the website. Suffice it to say that we are ready to move forward and to encourage people to sign up.

Joe, marketing director for Gigaclear, has now established the “Register Your Interest” page on the Gigaclear website:  www.gigaclear.com/tytherley

Registering yourself at this point in time does not commit you to parting with money at this stage – that comes at stage two.  All explained on the website.

There is a public meeting in our village hall in West Tytherley at 10am on Saturday 17th November when Gigaclear will present their services. We think that for many people, their offer is a compelling one. However, West Tytherley alone is too small to make it worthwhile for them to install a fibre-to-the home network and we need to find 400 households to get things started. The proposed network would embrace most of The Grimsteads, Pitton and Farley and much of Winterslow and whilst your broadband performance is far better than ours, there are likely to be a number of people who would be interested in the performance that comes with normal speeds of about 500mbps for one connection fee of £100 and £37 per month. Even paying a VoIP phone provider £6 a month for unlimited UK landline calls, this would be cheaper than my current BT bill.

“We” are Sheridan Allman who represents our parish council and me … Malcolm Vincent. We can be reached here.

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Vincent

West Tytherley Village Hall