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Wadworths Brewery visit (Men of Pitton)

Wednesday 09 December 2015 at 11:00

Dear Men of Pitton,
This is Cultural Visit to learn about the chemistry of brewing.
I have booked us for the Wadworths Brewery visit on the 9 Dec at 1100.  We need to be in Devizes by 1045.  There is a Wadworths’ car park adjacent to the brewery.
The cost of the tour of the brewery  is £11 for adults and £9 for seniors.
They offer a Ploughman’s lunch with a complimentary beer (a half) for £6.95 after the tour.
I need to confirm numbers for the tour and numbers for those who want to have the ploughmans’ by the 23 Nov.  The brewery can only handle parties of 12 or so.
If we could persuade our ladies to drive and collect us from the London Road P&R we could travel by bus to Devizes.  The bus leaves from New Canal and the journey is about  an hour.
Tell me if you would like to go by bus.
Alternatively, (bearing in mind a couple of beers and the effect of the bus ride on our liquid retention) you may prefer to travel by car, if so  could I have volunteer drivers.
This visit is for the Men of Pitton only. For more about the Men of Pitton, click here.

Wadsworth Brewery