• Saturday 10 July 2021 at 18:00
    Pitton Social Club is holding a drinks and fork supper party on 10th July to celebrate the end of Lockdown. This will be in the Village Hall field at 6:00 pm. More details to follow. Please...
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    Carnival Murder Mystery and cold supper in the village hall. Bar available. This event will be for village residents and their guests only. More details to follow.  
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Worm Charming

Monday 30 June 2014 at 18:45

On Pitton Village Hall Field    A new event this year! The Guides are running a worm charming competition – do come and support them – it promises to be a lot of fun! Cost of entry £2.50.    Ice Cream will be available to buy.

STOP PRESS!!   You can buy a joint ticket for this event and Tuesday’s Bingo evening at £4 per head – Bargain!! Tickets available from Nicki McCarney at Lavender Cottage, or on the night.

Rules below:

  1. Competitors work in teams of 2. At least one person must be willing to handle the worms!
  2. Each team is to operate in a 3 x 3 metre plot.
  3. Duration of the competition will be 30minutes, starting at 7pm.
  4. Please bring your own garden fork but make sure it is suitably covered when travelling to & from the Village Hall. On arrival you will be allocated a plot. Please place your fork in that plot until the competition begins.
  5. Worms are to be handled carefully and collected in damp peat and placed in a suitable, named container provided by the organisers.
  6. A whistle will be blown 5 minutes before the start of the competition.
  7. Competitors are to remain clear of the competition plots until instructed to ‘Get to your Plots’.
  8. The team who charms the most worms within 30 minutes is the winner. In the event of a tie, the winner is decided by a further 5 minutes of worm charming.


You may use:

–        any form of vibration to get the worms out of the ground

–        any form of music to charm the worms out of the earth

–        a normal garden fork stuck into the ground and vibrated by any manual means.

–        a piece of wood, smoothed or notched, to strike or fiddle the handle of the garden fork to assist vibration.

& Don’ts

You may not:

–        dig worms out of the ground

–        use water or any form of liquid to stimulate worms

–        collect worms from any other plot

Pitton Village Hall