Parish Stewards

The WHAT? I hear you say – Parish Stewards, who are they?

Wiltshire Highways Service has 20 stewards, who each look after the appearance and safety of the roads, footpaths and road signs in their individual areas.

The scheme was introduced in the autumn of 2006 and you may have seen a yellow purpose-built Land Rover vehicle, which is fully equipped for the tasks. A system of satellite tracking and mobile radio and telephone communications enable the stewards to respond very rapidly to a wide variety of problems, which occur on the roads.

Examples of work, routinely undertaken include:

But ultimately the systems depends on YOU

If YOU spot a blocked drain, or road signs obscured by foliage or anything that needs fixing in the parish (or elsewhere in Wiltshire for that matter) then contact either:

CLARENCE on 0800 232 323
The Parish Clerk (712651) or any Parish Councillor.

More details of the Parish Steward Scheme can be found here.