Recycling and rubbish

Wiltshire Council collects refuse from all residential properties within the district once a week. This includes:

Please click this link for the latest for the most recent pick up timetable:

Household rubbish must be put out for collection in wheeled bins where they have been provided, or in areas that have not yet received them, dustbins or tied refuse bags. All waste and recycling must be put out for collection by 7am on the scheduled day, but no later than the night before.

Garden waste: The council offers all residents a non-chargeable collection of garden waste from the kerbside. This is an opt-in service so residents wishing to receive this service must sign up.

Applying for garden waste collections:  You can sign up to receive the new non-chargeable garden waste collection service online, by calling the council or by completing an opt-in form and sending it to the council.

If you already receive a collection of garden waste or you have already signed up you do not have to re-apply and you can continue using your service as normal.

All garden waste is composted and so therefore must be free of non-compostable items.

There is much more information about the arrangements for collecting recycling and rubbish, to be found on the Council’s website. 

There is a separate website detailing the arrangements for recycling, here.