Pitton’s Village Hall Playing Field and Farley’s Coronation Field are fabulous facilities for air and recreation.

Coronation Field, Farley
The Coronation Field, bought through public subscriptions as a gift to Farley in the year of the Queen's coronation, is a communal resource for all residents and visitors to Farley and is available for hire.
Pitton Village Tennis Court
Pitton has a very good quality tennis court, behind the Pitton Village Hall. Access to the tennis court, which is a village facility and open to everyone, is by memberhip of the Pitton Village Tennis Club.
Village Hall Field, Pitton
Pitton Village Hall Playing Field is a large open space set aside for the benefit of the inhabitants of Pitton. It is in frequent use for children's games, walking the dog, golf practice, all other ball games and general leisure activity.