Request from West Dean PC

In connection with a footpath application for which we, West Dean Parish Council, have belatedly been asked to supply further evidence I want to contact anyone who has used this path between 1945 and 1971 and I am hoping this might include some of the more senior of my fellow members of the Friends of Bentley Wood. Could I possibly ask you if you would circulate the message below to the members for whom you have email addresses?

“Did you at any time between 1945 and 1971 use the footpath starting from the road beside the level crossing at Dean Station and crossing the fields to Park Cottage, West Dean, from where paths lead on to Frenchmoor Lane? If so, I should be glad if you would contact me. This is in connection with an application to have this footpath restored to the Hampshire County Council Definitive Map. My email address is or my ‘phone number is 01794 340149.   Christine Warry”

Your help would be much appreciated or any suggestions you have for other ways of contacting members.

Christine Warry

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