Genealogy Help Needed!

Howdy Farley Folks,

Would you know of anyone possibly able to help with some genealogy research? I have hit the wall on missing links in connecting back my Farley genealogy, with our surname stopping at Sir Thomas Farley. born1383-died1410, Chesham, Hertfordshire, England. Records located thus far then show a name change with his father being listed as Sir Thomas Walter of Hungerford, born1340 Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England and died 1397 Farleigh Castle, Somerset, England. There were five further back generations of “de Hungerford” ancestors, but the Farley name seemed to pause at Sir Thomas Farley with a wide gap back to William de Falaise where the Farley progenitors picked up again. If there is anyone around your area that could possibly assist me in making this research connection, it would be most appreciated.

Thank you kindly,
Jim Farley

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