Remember, Remember… Please Be A Good Neighbour

It’s that time again when the gloom of the Autumn is alleviated by the joyful colour of fireworks. However, while you may be ready for your own carefully chosen SuperSpangler to go off and have read the warning about loud bangs your neighbours haven’t and, in Pitton, because we sit in a long and acoustically resonating valley which amplifies and channels sound, your ‘close’ neighbours could be several hundred yards away.

Did you know that the Kennel Club in a recent report noted that more dogs go missing in ‘firework fortnight’ between Oct 28 and Nov 11 than in any other period? Holly Conway, Head of Public Affairs at the Kennel Club told the Telegraph;

“Dogs, who feel safe and secure when they can predict and control their environment, might run away to escape or hide or display fearful behaviour, such as barking or trembling, to drive away the perceived threat. Dogs also have an acute sense of hearing which is more sensitive than ours and can ear sounds four times further away than humans and can detect significantly higher frequencies. Research shows that the current 120 dB limit for fireworks is incompatible with dog welfare.”

Please remember that its not only dogs (and cats) which are affected by fireworks. We live in a rural area and are surrounded by fields full of horses, cattle, pigs and sheep, not to mention badgers, foxes and other wildlife.

No-one wants to be a killjoy and modern fireworks can be a spectacular family event but please if you can, do the following:

♥ Go to an organised firework display if you can.
♥ If you’re going to let off fireworks at home let the village know in good time.  Rachel will put up a poster for you in the Post Office, or put one up in the Bus Shelter or let this website know and we’ll publish it. Also, pop round to let your closest neighbours know or put a note through their letterboxes
♥ If you’re going to buy your own fireworks, try to opt for lower-noise ones.
♥ Try to stick to ‘Guy Fawkes weekend’ if you can.
♥ Please avoid late night displays – especially during the week. Other people have babies and still have to work and go to school etc the next morning even if you don’t.
♥ Pet owners – if you know there’s going to be a firework display and you have a nervous pet, talk to your vet to see what help is available for them.

We all love a good firework display and with a little thought for our neighbours, we can all live harmoniously together!

Noise Nuisance: If you experience any loud or persistent noise that causes you ongoing concerns or affects your quality of life please first talk to the person concerned if you can – they may not realise the distress they’re causing.  Please follow the guidance at




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