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Good afternoon dear Friends,

What glorious sunshine we have had today!
We are delighted to welcome Simon back for this third Sunday of Epiphany. He will lead our Parish Eucharist at 11am. The Gospel reading is Matthew 4: 12-23 where Jesus calls Simon and Andrew to Follow Me!
What does this imperative mean for your PCC? We want to continue to look outwards as we believe that if we give, then God will provide and we will continue to receive. So, our tithing to charity continues to be our priority. Our provision of outdoor events at which non-church goers feel welcome is also crucial to our growth as an active church within our community.
Please will you help our church to follow Jesus to spread the gospel, love one another and care for those in need.  Our news is full of doom and gloom AND we are in a global financial crisis. St Peter’s is not immune to financial problems: we have experienced a drop in income too. A drop of approximately £1700 per annum.
So the PCC would welcome any comments, suggestions or ideas for fundraising to make good this drop. This equates to £32 a week or £140 a month. Any ideas are welcome, any donations however small will be gratefully received. For example, our coffee, tea and biscuits are given week by week by generous individuals so you are invited to put a little donation into the coffee box at the back of church to help towards church funds. We are SO grateful for the regular and committed giving of our members. These days it is often easier to give by standing order as cash becomes rarer. Do consider this if it helps you to manage your finances. We can give you the necessary details.
Simon the fisherman followed Jesus and became Peter the Rock on which our church was built. Imagine what we could become when we follow him more nearly, see him more clearly and love him more dearly!!
What a challenge!
Very best wishes from us all
Linda, Debbie, Phillip, Sara and Sarah

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