Nightwood Farm Planning Application – REFUSED!

On 8th September, Wiltshire Council refused this application.

The official Decision document is here.

Well done, everybody.


Pitton & Farley Parish Council strongly objects to the proposal to develop Nightwood Farm for use as a storage facility, with the resulting increase in lorry movements.

If you wish to comment on the application, you have until 25th August to do so, by clicking on this link.

The following information has been provided by residents of Farley:

I am not sure how many of you are aware of the planning application for a new distribution centre for In-Excess at Knightwood Farm, Grimstead? The proposed site will be at the junction of Lucewood Lane and Clarendon Road in a disused pig farm.

The applicant estimates (probably conservatively) that there will be 30 heavy-goods lorries using the roads a week (when it was a piggery there were only 16 vehicles a week, including tractors). There is a very high chance that a lot of this traffic will route from the A30 through Pitton & Farley (the Alderbury Road has a weight restriction of 7.5tons). This will impact heavily on our villages:
*quality of the road surfaces and their on-going deterioration, especially in the winter months when the road is wet or icy.
*increase in noise in our rural environment
*safety on the roads for villagers, especially children, cyclists and horses. Most worrying is White Hill in Pitton and the bottom of Parsonage Hill in Farley. These roads are narrow and winding and busy/dangerous already. Lucewood Lane has many low, overhanging trees which will be damaged.

The planning application closes on 25th August 2015.

If you are concerned about these proposals, any views can be expressed by emailing and will be put up in PDF on the website.

Many thanks,

Sam Goold


From the Farley Info Group:

(Emma Lewy)

My mum is a planning officer (for a different council) to make our objections really be counted we need to be quoting local planning policy, the impact on the environment. Specifically she has suggested we request that the council carry out both an environmental and traffic impact study prior to reaching any decision – this request needs to be included in each of our objection letters.

We need to highlight ancient woodlands, hedgerows and wildlife and the impact the development will have on them. The fact that the buildings were initially constructed to serve the farming community and this change of use does not ensure harmony with rural life.

Local Planning policy states that applications in rural areas must have a justifiable reason for doing so, and must be able to demonstrate that they will not have a negative impact on the environment. Policy also states that such applications will only be allowed if it is inappropriate for them to be sited in existing urban areas, near the sites they intend to serve.


So far, there have been 34 objections on the Development Management site, but we don’t have long before the application closes!

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