What is a Community Pub?

Many pubs across the UK are facing tough times and after years of neglect by Government and the double blow of COVID Lockdown and the ensuing economic crisis, a lot of them can’t survive. But what is a community pub?

According to The Plunkett Trust, ‘Community pubs are owned and run democratically by members of their community. Community pubs have an open and voluntary membership, giving members part ownership of the community business’.

We are all rooting for The Silver Plough to remain a viable business and with Simon and Hannah at the helm and with real support from the village, we know it can continue to be at the heart of our community but if the fates conspire against them and us, the Community Pub option is possibly a way to keep this valuable asset in the village.

Pitton has set up a Community Pub Working Group which will look for options to retain the pub at the heart of Pitton.

If you’d like to know more about community pubs you can visit The Plunkett Trust’s website here.

You can also find more about community pubs and see some succesful examples at the CAMRA website.


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