News from St. Peter’s, Pitton

Good afternoon dear Friends,

This Sunday we have our regular Parish Eucharist service led by Simon at 11am followed by refreshments. There will be no service in Farley so our Farley friends are most warmly invited to join us.

The most important notice is to encourage you all to come to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting which is on Wednesday 26th at 5.30 pm at St Peter’s. Please do come, have a glass of wine and listen to Simon give his report on Parish life and share your comments on how our church is doing and what else you might like to see happen. Your opinion matters!

We are hugely grateful to everyone on the rotas who do vital jobs and we are keen to grow this group so do consider putting yourself forward for anything you fancy that you might enjoy!

We wish you a great weekend and see you soon

From Sarah, Sara, Debbie and Linda

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